Art Medals

“LIBERTY’S BEAUTY” MEDAL Designed 2015/Minted 2015 Designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet Assay: One Ounce .999 Fine Silver 39 mm Round Theme: American Liberty; this is the second annual issue to my series of Liberty themed art medals.  The first issue was the 2014 “Liberty’s Glory” medal.  For the eyes of the human soul, liberty is beautiful; thus “Liberty’s Beauty”.  This medal is a tribute to my favorite art nouveau master, Alphonse Mucha, and the combat aircraft artists of World War II.  However, some have said they see a Peter Max influence, especially on the reverse (tails side). Obverse (Heads): Portrays Lady Liberty in a seated position. Reverse (Tails): An American Bald Eagle representing “Strength” and “Freedom”.
“McDANIEL MEDAL OF SERVICE AND OPTIMISM” Designed 2015/Minted 2015 Designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet Assay: One Ounce .999 Fine Silver 39 mm Theme: Jim and Heather McDaniel of Lebanon, Oregon Obverse (Heads): The bull represents strength of character.  “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” is positioned “above”.  The design is “grounded” in “OPTIMISM” and the rising sun represents the belief that the future is an opportunity to spread love and light.  I designed this coin for my friends, Jim and Heather McDaniel, as a representation of their lives.  It was an honor to create this piece as a celebration of this special couple. Reverse (Tails): This design honors the love and light the McDaniel’s continuously convey to others.
“PHYSICIANS’ MEDAL OF ASCLEPIUS” Designed 2014/Minted 2015 Designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet Assay: Minted in three metals; One Ounce .999 Fine Silver; One and One Half Ounce .999 Fine Gold; One and One Half Ounce .999 Fine Platinum 39 mm (all metal varieties) Theme: Medical Anatomy Center, COMP-NW, Lebanon, Oregon Obverse (Heads): Bust of Asclepius, Greek god of medicine and healing. Reverse (Tails): Features the staff and healing serpent of Asclepius.
“DUCHESS OF MARKSOVA” COIN Designed 2013/Minted 2014 Obverse designed by Heidi Wastweet Reverse designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet Assay: One Ounce .999 Fine Silver 39 mm Theme: Honors the Grand Duchess of Marksova, monarch of an emblematic nation, who reigns in the heart of the man who commissioned this coin. Obverse (Heads): Honors the beloved Grand Duchess of Marksova, Her Royal Majesty Laurelei Ann I.  The butterfly image is reflective of the line, “As gentle as a butterfly she moves without a sound” from the 1975 Styx song, “Lorelei”. Reverse (Tails): The heraldic eagle of the Grand Duchy of Marksova; a very small nation that cannot be found on a map.
“LIBERTY’S GLORY” Designed 2013/Minted 2014 Designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet Assay: One Ounce .999 Fine Silver 39 mm Round Theme: American Liberty; this is the first annual issue to my series of Liberty-themed art medals. Obverse (Heads): Lady Liberty (from my painting of the same name). Reverse (Tails): An American Bald Eagle which, in the iconology of American coinage, represents “Freedom”.
“A SPLASH OF WHITEFISH” (2004) Designed by Gary Marks Sculpted by Don Everhart Assay: One Ounce .999 Fine Silver with 24K Gold Highlights 39 mm Round Theme: City of Whitefish, Montana Centennial Celebration. Obverse (Heads): Shows an energetic Mountain Whitefish splashing in the waters of Whitefish Lake. Reverse (Tails): Shows the Whitefish, Montana Centennial Logo that I designed. (This is the only art piece I created prior to the rediscovery of my art in 2010.  What happened?  I don’t know…I just got inspired.)

Other works of Art

“BEE U” (2013) Layered masonite board Approx. 6′ x 7′ “In 2010 I rediscovered my art…a part of me that had been largely dormant for more than 30 years.  Since that time I have come to realize the important role my art plays in completing who I am as a person and how I interact with the world. When we are true to ourselves and use our God-given uniqueness to contribute to our fellow man we help create better communities.  My piece expresses this idea with an abstract portrayal of six bees…all individuals with unique talents and abilities held together in community.  There is the “leader” who is the queen;  the “defender” with jet fighter wings; the “Peace-maker” with the loving heart; the “visionary” with butterfly wings; and the two creators; the eclectic “visual artist” with palette, paintbrush and flamboyant ornamentation and the “performing artist” with electric guitar slung over his back and lightning bolts and treble clefs on his wings.  Together, each contributes to one another and, in the process, they make their world a better and more colorful place.  Bee U…and make your community a better place.”
“LIBERTY’S GLORY” (2012-2013) Oil on Canvas 20″ Round “Our liberty is precious and beautiful!  Since the early days of the United States of America, liberty personified has been commonly portrayed as a beautiful woman.  Images of Lady Liberty have most frequently appeared on our nation’s coins, although dead presidents now dominate our circulating coinage. I later used this design to create a one ounce silver art medal of the same name.”
“TRUE COLORS” (2012) Oil and enamel on canvas 18″ x 24″ “For those of you who know me you may have figured out that this is an abstract self-portrait.  Colors have meaning and the colors I chose for this painting were no mistake.  I decided not to paint the area around the left side of the lips.  Why? Because life is not done with me yet, so I couldn’t finish this painting either.”
“CLEO” (2012) Oil on Canvas 24″ x 30″ “Meet Cleo…An abstract of a very cool cat!  I painted this one for my daughter, Aimee.  Cleo (later discovered to be “Leo”) was one of the friendliest cats I have ever known.  My objective with this painting was to capture his kind “Can we be friends?” personality. Rest in peace, Leo.  I will never forget your gentle spirit.”
“QUEEN SHEBA” (2012) Oil on canvas 16″ round “Sheba is one of my family’s cats.  She is a bangle; a breed that comes from the Asian Leopard and Egyptian Abyssinian.  Sheba has a very unique personality.  She is special and she knows it!  Thus, I wanted to capture her dignified and regal attitude in abstract.”
“PIZZAZZ” (2012) Aluminum Resin 36″ Round “In 2012, the City of Ketchum, Idaho decided to replace all downtown manhole covers with new covers bearing artistic designs.  There were six different designs and each one celebrates a different aspect of the community.  I designed “PIZZAZZ” to celebrate the arts in Ketchum.  Twenty of these covers are now spread throughout downtown Ketchum.  This display copy is a special aluminum resin version made for display in art galleries.  Of course, the working versions are made of cast iron.”
“SPONTANEOUS” (2011) Oil on Canvas 9″ x 9″ “It was the wee hours of the morning.  And this silly, small canvas was sitting on my paint table.  And it was blank.  The artist in me heard it.  It was calling, “paint me, paint me”.  I swear I heard it.  But I didn’t know what to paint.  No subject came to mind.  And then I told myself, “It doesn’t need a subject; trust yourself and just paint”.  I suppose the result might reveal some deep secret about my strange psyche.  I don’t know.  All I know is that it was SPONTANEOUS”.
 “LIFE” (2011) Oil on Six Canvases Approx. 6′ x 7′ “At first glimpse, my “Life” montage may appear to be simply a whimsical portrayal of graphically rendered fish spread across six irregularly arranged canvases.  However, its meaning is a much deeper commentary on life…its chaos, confusion and disjointedness juxtaposed against the challenge and rich blessing of relationships and my aspiration and struggle to learn and grow through each step in my journey through time.  Ultimately, my redemption is found in my faith symbolized at the center of the composition.  My victory and happiness are seen in glorious vivid color; balance and certitude is secured amidst the chaos; and my liberty is certain.  This is my life.”
“PAIN” (2011) Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ “In matters of the heart, this is what pain looks and feels like.  Some of my color choices and shadowing are confused and the opposite of what they should be.  Why did I paint it this way?  Because when you are in pain nothing quite makes sense.”
 “BREAKING FREE”  (2010) Oil on Canvas 30″ Round “This is one of my first paintings. It illustrates my creativity breaking free as I rediscovered my art; something that had been dormant for more than 30 years. It also stands for liberation from forces or influences that oppress us and keep us from realizing our full potential as individuals.”
CRY OF THE COYOTE (2010) Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″ “This is my first painting…ever.  After feeling the urge to paint and repressing it I finally picked up a paint brush in 2010 and started painting.  I have no art training and did not know what I was doing.  So, I simply painted what I felt.  As a first effort, I feel it is not my best work.  Nonetheless, this painting is a celebration and it has great meaning to me.  Just as the coyote is free to cry at the moon; I was finally free to paint”!