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(ADD $5 SHIPPING FOR ORDERS TO CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, RUSSIA, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) LOT OF FIVE (5) 2017 MARKSOVA ROYAL CAT 1 OZ. SILVER COMMEMORATIVE COINS. This is the second coin issued on behalf of the Grand Duchy of Marksova, a very small nation that exists only in the mind of the artist who imagined it, Gary Marks.  The first coin issued for the Grand Duchy was the 2014 Grand Duchess of Marksova 1 oz. Silver Coin. The Royal Cat Coin commemorates the life of Sheba, a real cat who was the pet of the Marksova royal family.  She was especially close to the Grand Duchess herself, Laurelei Ann I.  Sheba was a beautiful Bengal cat (a breed resulting from the cross of an Abyssinian cat and an Asian Leopard). Sheba knew she was special and held herself with a dignified Royal disposition.  She passed away in late 2015. Royal Cat coins come encapsulated and with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by: Gary Marks Sculpted by: Heidi Wastweet Assay: 1 oz. .999 fine Silver Diameter: 39 mm Total mintage: 185